Bound Brook, NJ Apartments for Rent (2023)

floor plan summary
monthly rentbedroombathroomsquare. foot.
$1,849 - $2,0991 bed1 bed1 bathroom1 bathroom425 square feet

Pricing and Floor Plans


$1,849 - $2,099

1 bed

, 1 bathroom

,425 sq. ft.

not available

Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.


happened again
happened again
types of feecost
cat and dog rental$25
one time
one time
types of feecost
cat and dog fee$250
registery fee$45


Lease term options

  • Available months 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14

property information

  • Built in 1945
  • 336 units / 2 floors

Property Highlights

  • close to public transport
  • excellent location
  • Pay rent online
  • On-site laundry facilities
  • Small pets are welcome
  • Verizon FiOS

Apartment facilities

  • broadband internet access
  • hardwood floor
  • heating
  • instant hot water
  • office
  • scope
  • refrigerator
  • curtain

Community Features

  • laundry facilities
  • short term rental

pet policy

Cats and dogs allowed

25 lbs and under. Some breed restrictions apply. One-time pet fee of $250.00 (non-refundable). Cats are $15.00 per month and dogs are $25.00 per month. Up to two pets are allowed. For more information please call our leasing office. 25 lbs and under. Some breed restrictions apply. One-time pet fee of $250.00 (non-refundable). Cats are $15.00 per month and dogs are $25.00 per month. Up to two pets are allowed.

  • $25 per month pet rental
  • $250 fee
  • 25 lb weight limit
  • 2 pet restrictions

Colleges and Universities Nearby

Rutgers University Livingstondrive: 15 minutes (8.9 miles)
Rutgers Universitydrive: 16 minutes (9.0 miles)
Middlesex College, New 15 minutes (9.1 miles)
Union, Plainfielddrive: 16 minutes (9.1 miles)



great for walking


walk score®

out of 100 points

suitable for cycling


bike score®

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out of 100 points


commuter rail


4 minutes by car

Bound Brook, NJ Apartments for Rent (1)

Bound Brook, NJ Apartments for Rent (2)

commuter rail

Bond Brook

4 minutes by car

Bound Brook, NJ Apartments for Rent (3)

Bound Brook, NJ Apartments for Rent (4)


Newark Liberty International Airport

44 min drive

Bound Brook, NJ Apartments for Rent (5)


Trenton Mercer

58 minutes by car

Bound Brook, NJ Apartments for Rent (6)

Moved to Bondbrook, NJ East Somerset County

shopping center

Bound Brook Apartments are ideal for shoppers near 600 W Union Ave, Middlebrook Center and Chimney Rock Plaza. 600 W Union Ave is 0.2 miles from the hotel and Middlebrook Center is less than 4 minutes' walk away.

parks and recreation

Recreational activities abound near the Bound Brook Apartments. Explore 5 parks within a 7.8-mile radius, including Duke Audubon NJ Farm, Johnson Park, and Ambrose and Dotty Brooks Park.


Living in East Somerset County gives you easy access to Newark Liberty International Airport, just 40 minutes from the Bound Brook Apartments. Another nearby airport is Trenton Mercer Airport, 36.9 miles away.


attendance area


property identification

attendance area


property identification

Lamont School Annex

PK-1 level

404 students


out of 10

Bondbrook Primary School

PK-8 grade

1,267 students

(732) 652-7940

out of 10

Bondbrook High School

Grades 9-12

597 students

(732) 652-7950

out of 10

Holy Family College

PK-8 grade

(732) 356-1151

out of 10

Greenbrook College

Grades 8-12

35 students


out of 10

property details

Come in quickly - we are waiting to welcome you home! Unbeatable value in relaxed comfort and a centrally located address. While staying at Bound Brook Apartments, you'll enjoy gleaming hardwood floors,Mini blinds and unparalleled customer service. Our goal is to make your new home as carefree as possible, so you can spend more time enjoying the company of family and friends.

Bond Brook Apartments is located inBond Brook, NJ at08805zip code.The apartment community was built in 1945 with 2 floors and 336 units.

Property address:
73 Codrington Dr Bond Brook, NJ 08805

language: English

Open today from 9:00am to 5:00pm

tenant reviews

forBond Brook Apartments



6 Ratings and Reviews



2 May 22

Too old with many problems

You'll think it's best to bulldoze the house and start over. Cockroaches, centipedes, silverfish and mice are a lot of problems. I once had a centipede get trapped in my ceiling light and died. The hotel itself is not very clean, and the layout of the parking lot and driveway leads to a lot of blind roads, which feels a bit dangerous. The high prices come from local amenities that are barely reflected in the units themselves. There are also larger,The cleaner, cheaper condos are only 20 minutes south and still give you fairly easy access to local attractions, so don't think about location when you choose to stay here, that's their only selling point.

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The Property Manager at Bond Brook Apartments responded to this review

We're sorry to see your one star review for our community. We do have an exterminator who comes on a regular basis to effectively deal with any issues residents may have. When you say "Great prices come fromHowever, we can assure you that our team strives to provide the best apartment community possible for our valued residents. JCMLiving Resident Services Team




Cockroach problem and more...

Lived in the apartment for several years and the cockroach problem was never resolved. Neighbors told me that they have been having this problem and that exterminators often come up once they get to the office and explain to them that the insects are not gone. Neighbors have put up with this problem for about 10 years and my rent has gone up and always have to call the maintenance guy to fix things. The reason their prices are so high is because it's close to everything, other than that it's not an ideal placelive.

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April 16, 2020

Even if your lease is coming to an end, give 60 days notice. it's a trap

I have lived in this apartment for over 7 years, first I moved into a one bedroom, then I moved into a two bedroom apartment which was not inspected, had cockroaches and mice, we had to clean the kitchen drawers, stove etc. They promised to do an inspection when I moved in. They lied to me about rats and cockroaches. They said there were no mice or cockroaches in their apartment. Didn't check, they did do pest control a couple of times and the cockroaches did improve but the mice didn't. so finally i decidedMoving out of state because I lost my job 2 months before my lease was up. I gave the office 7 weeks notice that I will be moving out at the end of the lease. The lady at the front desk told me that there was not enough time, and I was responsible for breaking the contract? 1 week to go before my lease is up? I wanted to speak to the manager there, every time I went to see her she wasn't there and I gave my phone number for her to call me. No phone number from her. I moved out without knowing what to expect. She never called me. Finally got an email from a debt collection agency trying to charge me $3500? This is where I've lived for over 7 years and pay rent every month with no issues. 1500+ per month for an apartment with cockroaches and mice. I put up with it all and now they want to rob me some more. Be careful, this is not a place to call home. You can get a better place. and be appreciated. I'm going to take them to court, I have evidence (pictures and video of the kitchen, stove and bathroom). I have a 4 year old son and this place needs a child safe living environment.

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March 5, 2019

not advertised

Don't be fooled by the pictures you see posted. Daily life is very different, there is constant litter and shopping carts on the front lawn. A rental office may look beautiful with flowers blooming, but our bushes are overgrown with dead grass all year round. If you want a caring employee, forget it. Neighbors and maintenance staff barely speak English and the few who do speak English are rude. So grateful to be able to get out of here and get my life back.

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The Property Manager at Bond Brook Apartments responded to this review

We are sorry that your experience with our community did not meet your expectations. We're always looking for ways to improve, and have considered some of your concerns and discussed what we can do to improve it. we don't want you to have any hopeBut it's the best in your new home. Thank you, Tina F., Director of Corporate Marketing



January 11, 2017

60 day notice

If you do not notify them within 60 days that you are moving out, they will charge you one month's rent. Possibly the first apartment complex to implement such a backward policy. If you get a faulty license label, they will charge $350 for a new license label. They charge a $20 fee when you lock yourself out of the apartment, but they can't for life ensure that all tenants have the heating system working when they need to turn it on, and they haven't done anything about their own heating system.Constant cockroach infestation. On top of that, when I moved in my apartment was run down and poorly painted. Also, there were dead mosquito bodies in all my cupboards when I moved in. Please save yourself the trouble. There are plenty of other places to move to.

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The Property Manager at Bond Brook Apartments responded to this review

Dear Valued Residents, While setbacks do occur from time to time, our goal is to resolve issues in the apartment and make our residents as happy as possible. Please understand that a notice to vacate is required for all apartment communitiesMost take 60-90 days - this is stated in the NJ Department of Community Affairs Truth and Lease Handbook. If you would like to discuss any questions, please contact the Property Manager at the Leasing Office during normal business hours. Thank you for choosing Bondbrook Apartments!

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