Dell Strengthens Multi-Cloud Strategy With APEX Portfolio Improvements (2023)

Dell Technologies introduced new Dell APEX products across cloud platforms, public cloud storage software, client devices and compute to create multi-cloud experiences by design. Dell has extended APEX capabilities from the data center to public cloud and client devices. New offerings enhance operations and innovation through improved management and mobility of applications and data.

Dell Technologies introduced new Dell APEX products across cloud platforms, public cloud storage software, client devices and compute to create multi-cloud experiences by design. Dell has extended APEX capabilities from the data center to public cloud and client devices. New offerings enhance operations and innovation through improved management and mobility of applications and data.

Dell Strengthens Multi-Cloud Strategy With APEX Portfolio Improvements (1)

Dell categorizes these as ground-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground strategies. Dell also expanded its APEX-as-a-service and subscription portfolio, bringing it across the sales mix.

From a ground-to-cloud perspective, Dell took Project Alpine and turned it into a whole new product category called APEX Storage for Public Cloud. Dell is taking its storage-as-a-service and moving it into the public cloud.

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Dell Strengthens Multi-Cloud Strategy With APEX Portfolio Improvements (2)

Dell APEX Cloud Platform is a fully integrated turnkey system portfolio that integrates Dell infrastructure, software and cloud operations stack to deliver consistent multi-cloud operations by extending the cloud operating model to on-premises
and edge environments.

Workloads can be placed in multiple locations based on performance, cost, and security requirements, and data movement can be enabled within a common multi-cloud storage tier. Data can move seamlessly between on-premises environments and Dell APEX block storage for public cloud deployments. These systems are designed to increase IT and developer productivity using familiar management tools and software-driven automated deployment and lifecycle management.

Dell Strengthens Multi-Cloud Strategy With APEX Portfolio Improvements (3)

Cloud platforms developed in partnership with Microsoft, Red Hat, and VMware include:

  • Dell APEX Cloud Platform for Microsoft Azure enhances the Azure hybrid experience with full-stack software integration and automated lifecycle management through Microsoft native management tools and engineering collaboration between Dell and Microsoft. Ideal for application modernization, the platform enables faster time-to-value for Azure based on Azure Arc-enabled infrastructure, and uses Azure Arc to enable consistent operations and governance across on-premises data centers, edge locations, and the Azure public cloud.
  • Dell APEX Cloud Platform for Red Hat OpenShift simplifies container-based application development and management with full-stack software integration and automation and a hybrid cloud application platform powered by Kubernetes, no matter where the application is developed and deployed. Customers can run containers and virtual machines side-by-side natively in Kubernetes, providing a unified experience for a variety of workloads, including AI/ML and analytics, with broad GPU support across any hybrid cloud footprint. This offering represents an engineering collaboration between Dell and Red Hat, using Enterprise Kubernetes and powered by Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
  • Dell APEX Cloud Platform for VMware gives customers the flexibility to deploy vSphere on a fully integrated system with highly scalable, high-performance Dell software-defined storage. This new offering joins Dell APEX Private Cloud and Dell APEX Hybrid Cloud to the broader Dell APEX portfolio, giving VMware customers more options on their multi-cloud journey.

Dell APEX Storage for Public Cloud Enriches Public Cloud Experience

Delivering on the promise of Project Alpine, Dell brings the performance and advanced software capabilities of its industry-leading enterprise data storage to the public cloud, while delivering operational simplicity through a unified approach to Dell Cloud Storage and Kubernetes management.

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Dell Strengthens Multi-Cloud Strategy With APEX Portfolio Improvements (4)

Dell APEX Block Storage for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Dell APEX Block Storage for Microsoft Azure and Dell APEX File Storage for AWS combine Dell's enterprise-class storage performance, scalability and network resiliency with public cloud to combine
Economics and services, such as analytics and artificial intelligence (AI).

Organizations can fine-tune their cloud strategy based on business needs and maximize existing skill sets with advanced data mobility and management consistency between Dell on-premises storage and the public cloud. This approach avoids the need to refactor applications and retrain staff.

Dell APEX Block Storage can rapidly scale performance and capacity for mission-critical workloads through a scale-out architecture. Achieve greater resiliency by efficiently distributing data across multiple Availability Zones. Dell APEX File Storage delivers enterprise-class file performance and functionality in the public cloud. Customers can support a variety of performance-intensive workloads, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, media and entertainment, and life sciences.

Dell APEX Protected Storage for Public Cloud

Together with Dell APEX Protected Storage for Public Cloud, these products are part of Dell's software-defined storage portfolio for public cloud. Dell APEX Protection Storage provides industry-leading data protection storage for AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Alibaba Cloud, and to date, more than 17 exabytes of data in public clouds are protected by Dell software.

Dell Strengthens Multi-Cloud Strategy With APEX Portfolio Improvements (5)

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Dell APEX console enhancements include new management, deployment, data mobility and discovery software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings, making it easier for operations teams to maintain multi-cloud storage and Kubernetes clusters.

  • Dell APEX Navigator for Multicloud Storage is a SaaS that centralizes, simplifies and secures the management of Dell APEX block and file storage with simple configuration, automated deployment, storage monitoring and data movement
    Between on-premises and public cloud environments. This enables organizations to consistently and securely manage their multi-cloud assets at scale, optimizing workload placement to meet their business needs.
  • Dell APEX Navigator for Kubernetes is a SaaS that simplifies Kubernetes storage management, bringing advanced data services such as data replication, application mobility, and observability into containers with easy-to-deploy and manage Dell Container Storage Modules.

PCs and Servers Get the Cloud Experience

Dell has expanded the Dell APEX portfolio to help users easily handle day-to-day IT operations, accelerate infrastructure deployment, control costs, and manage equipment recycling securely and sustainably through an as-a-service experience.

Dell Strengthens Multi-Cloud Strategy With APEX Portfolio Improvements (6)

  • Dell APEX Compute provides scalable, secure bare-metal computing resources in the data center, edge environment, or colocation facility. Customers can install a hypervisor to support virtualized or container-based environments
    or the operating system of their choice. With a predictable monthly subscription, organizations will have access to scalable and secure computing resources to meet their workload and IT operational needs.
  • Dell APEX PC-as-a-Service (PCaaS) helps companies simplify IT and deploy the latest client technologies4 at a predictable cost, while freeing up capital to invest in modern employee experiences5. Five-year terms, and scale up or down as needed. Early customers using Dell APEX PCaaS have reported a 50% reduction in help desk workload, a 30% reduction in support costs, and a 50% reduction in employee device onboarding time.

Accessing Databricks' Lakehouse platform made simple

To give customers more freedom to extract insights from data anywhere, Dell and Databricks announced a new multifaceted relationship to connect Dell enterprise storage platforms with on-premises data in the Databricks Lakehouse platform.

Dell customers can connect Databricks in the public cloud with Dell Object Storage on-premises or in a colocation facility to analyze data in-place, store the results and securely share them with third parties using Databricks’ Delta Sharing feature. Dell and Databricks are collaborating to co-design additional integrations to provide a seamless experience for Dell Object Storage within the Databricks Lakehouse platform.


  • The Dell APEX cloud platform will be available globally starting in the second half of 2023.
  • Dell APEX Block and File Storage for AWS is now available globally.
  • Dell APEX Block Storage for Microsoft Azure will be available globally in the second half of 2023.
  • Dell APEX Navigator for multi-cloud storage will be available in the US with geographic expansion planned for the second half of 2023.
  • Dell APEX Navigator for Kubernetes will be available in the US, UK, France and Germany in the second half of 2023.
  • Dell APEX PC-as-a-Service is now available in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.
  • Dell APEX Compute is available now in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.
  • Dell Object Storage and Databricks Lakehouse Platform connectivity is available now, with access to public cloud data coming soon.

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    Dell Strengthens Multi-Cloud Strategy With APEX Portfolio Improvements (7)

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    What is Dell project apex? ›

    The Dell APEX Console provides self-service access to a catalog of cloud services and guides you through the entire technology lifecycle. Subscribe, operate, optimize, and grow to meet business demands. Explore Dell APEX Console.

    What cloud does Dell use? ›

    Dell Technologies partner clouds with support for more than 4,200 major cloud providers, including AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

    Who are Dell apex competitors? ›

    Alternatives to Dell Technologies APEX
    • Satori. Satori. ...
    • phoenixNAP. phoenixNAP. ...
    • Netreo. Netreo. ...
    • Sidescale. ...
    • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Amazon. ...
    • Microsoft Azure. Microsoft. ...
    • HPE GreenLake. Hewlett Packard Enterprise. ...
    • Codero. Codero.

    Which custom solution is now part of the apex portfolio? ›

    Apex Custom Solutions are available already in two flavours: Apex Flex On Demand provides Dell Technologies servers, storage, data protection, and hyperconverged infrastructure as-a-service.

    What are the benefits of Dell Apex? ›

    Dell APEX Partners
    • Simplify. Streamline your as-a-Service portfolio and offer a simplified experience.
    • Accelerate. Improve time to delivery for you and time-to-value for your customers.
    • Enhance. Offer value-added specialty services that enhance the end-customer experience.

    What is the apex in cloud? ›

    Apex enables developers to access the Salesforce platform back-end database and client-server interfaces to create third-party SaaS applications. Apex includes an application programming interface (API) that Salesforce developers can use to access user data on the platform.

    What is Dell Multicloud? ›

    A multicloud environment is an IT infrastructure comprising a mix of public Cloud, private Cloud and edge Cloud solutions. Each Cloud model offers advantages for specific workloads, enterprises frequently adopt a multicloud model to improve application efficiency, reduce costs and accommodate technical requirements.

    What is Dell cloud solution? ›

    Cloud computing services are highly scalable hardware and software resources that can be accessed via the Internet. Cloud computing services include everything from infrastructure (servers, storage and networking) to applications, databases, analytics, intelligence, software development platforms and more.

    What is Dell hybrid cloud? ›

    In cloud computing, a hybrid cloud consists of two or more public, private and edge clouds that are connected by a common management plane, with orchestration tools that enable data and application portability.

    What is the Dell version of GreenLake? ›

    Both HPE GreenLake and Dell APEX are top edge computing platforms in the market, driven by their scalability and as-a-service product models.

    When was Dell Apex launched? ›

    Dell Apex and HPE GreenLake, which launched in 2017, compete in the as-a-service market that offers enterprises the chance to buy, deploy and manage on-premises infrastructure and data services in roughly the same way they can in the public cloud.

    What differentiates Dell from its competitors? ›

    Dell's speed and low-cost competencies allow Dell to sell products at low prices compared to other competitors and the low-price forms another competence for Dell because it transfers the value of low cost to customer. But it should be noted that Dell always maintains the quality with low-price selling.

    Who owns Apex Solutions? ›

    Apex Systems is a division of ASGN Incorporated, providing organizations with scalable IT staffing and talent management services.

    Who owns Apex software? ›

    IRIS Software Group (IRIS), a provider of accounting and payroll solutions, has acquired Apex HCM (Apex), a cloud-based human capital management enterprise software provider for payroll service bureaus (PSBs) and accounting firms.

    What is Apex solutions? ›

    Apex Solutions is a seasoned technology company. Since 2005, Apex Solutions has delivered high-end technology solutions for internet and e-commerce. Constantly evolving technologies and software offer small businesses an opportunity to work smarter.

    What are 3 benefits of Dell Optimizer? ›

    What does Dell Optimizer do:
    • Improves user experience through computer usage analysis and learning.
    • Faster application launch and seamless application transition.
    • Intelligent battery run-time extension.
    • Optimized Audio for best meeting experience.
    • Enables Collaborate Touchpad for easier interaction during Zoom calls.
    Jan 10, 2023

    What are key elements of the apex experience? ›

    There are four components to Project APEX:
    • Cloud Console.
    • Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS)
    • DT Cloud Platform Workload Instances.
    • Flex on Demand Updates.
    Oct 21, 2020

    What is Dell unique competitive advantage? ›

    Dell uses their website to take customer's orders. The organization focuses on direct sales, cutting out other distribution channels entirely. This allows for a deeper relationship with the customers whereby Dell can offer their customer's better service, savings, convenience, and efficiency.

    What is Apex and how it works? ›

    Apex is a strongly typed, object-oriented programming language that allows developers to execute flow and transaction control statements on the Lightning platform server in conjunction with calls to the Lightning Platform​ API.

    What is Apex in AWS? ›

    Oracle Application Express (APEX) - Amazon Relational Database Service.

    Does Apex use aws? ›

    Alongside our Advanced Tier Services partnership, Apex is also an AWS Public Sector Partner and part of the APN Immersion Days program.

    What is the advantage of Multicloud? ›

    By opting for a multi-cloud approach from the start, Developers can work to create apps that function across a variety of platforms. This means that you'll always have the flexibility to take advantage of the best prices or capabilities from differing vendors, without compromising on what you can offer your customers!

    What is benefit of Multicloud? ›

    Benefits of Multicloud

    Multicloud allows you to choose from many cloud vendors and provides the flexibility to match specific features and capabilities to optimize your workloads in the cloud based on factors like speed, performance, reliability, geographical location, and security and compliance requirements.

    Why use a Multicloud strategy? ›

    A multi-cloud strategy enables digital transformation by transforming the design, development, and delivery of applications across clouds. With a multi-cloud strategy, organizations can deploy apps on the public, private and edge clouds that best suit their business objectives and application needs.

    What CRM system does Dell use? ›

    Get the applications and tools you need to improve your marketing, sales and customer service efficiency using Dell's expertise with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In today's marketplace, customer expectations are always changing.

    Is Dell EMC a cloud provider? ›

    Welcome to a better cloud. Partner with Dell EMC, the #1-ranked cloud infrastructure provider, 1 to unlock innovation and reduce complexity.

    Is Dell a private cloud? ›

    Combining the power of VMware software and Dell Technologies infrastructure, Dell Technologies Cloud provides a consistent operating model and simplified management that enables enterprises to reap the benefits of private cloud vs. public cloud technologies.

    What is the difference between multi cloud and hybrid cloud? ›

    Hybrid clouds always include a private cloud and are typically managed as one entity. Multi-clouds always include more than one public cloud service, which often perform different functions.

    What is the difference between hybrid and cloud? ›

    The difference between Hybrid Cloud and Hybrid IT

    The key difference is that Hybrid Cloud is a 100% cloud-based solution, versus Hybrid IT which will have an element of private hardware and thus a wider variety of platforms integrated in.

    What is Dell Snowflake? ›

    Snowflake Data Cloud: enterprise-grade data analytics. Snowflake customers use the Data Cloud to unite siloed data, discover and securely share data, and execute diverse analytic workloads. Wherever data or users live, Snowflake delivers a single data experience that spans multiple clouds and geographies.

    Is HPE GreenLake a hybrid cloud? ›

    You don't have to choose—HPE GreenLake is the cloud that comes to you, your data centers, colos and edges. Choosing your own path to the cloud is hybrid cloud, wisely done.

    Which Dell Technologies solution is Dell Technologies cloud platform built on? ›

    Built on VMware Cloud Foundation, this Dell Technologies offering features a set of cloud infrastructure solutions that provide a consistent operating model and simplified management across private clouds, public clouds and edge locations.

    What is the name of Dell Backup Solutions? ›

    PowerProtect Data Manager offers data management, data protection, deduplication and self-service backup and recovery.

    What is Dell Apex Flex? ›

    Dell APEX Flex on Demand enables Silicon Labs to rapidly scale IT infrastructure capacity to meet burst and peak demands without upfront cost and overprovisioning.

    What is Dell apex time to value? ›

    While Dell Technologies has a defined time-to-value objective of 14 days for the APEX Data Storage Services solution, Vendor C does not advertise a defined timeframe.

    What is Dell Apex console? ›

    The Dell APEX Console is your centralized platform for managing and orchestrating your multicloud journey. Discover Dell APEX cloud and infrastructure solutions and deploy in the location of your choice, while easily monitoring costs and capacity forecasts using proactive monitoring tools.

    What makes Dell so successful? ›

    Dell emphasized customer support, sending technicians to service PCs and implementing a policy of risk-free returns. This business model proved successful, and the company quickly grew, expanding into international markets. The company, renamed Dell Computer Corporation, went public in 1988.

    What strategy is responsible for Dell's success? ›

    Direct Sales Model: One of the most significant factors in Dell's success is its direct sales model. Unlike its competitors, Dell sells its products directly to customers through its website and phone sales representatives.

    What makes Dell better? ›

    Design and Build Quality. Dell laptops are renowned for their reliable build quality, making them a go-to choice among business professionals and students who require an effective laptop. This stylish model boasts modern designs that appeal to many users.

    How many employees does Apex Systems have? ›

    Apex Systems Gender Distribution

    Apex Systems has 11,132 employees. 30% of Apex Systems employees are women, while 70% are men.

    How big is Apex Systems? ›

    Apex Systems has 10,467 employees.

    What kind of company is apex? ›

    About Apex Established in 1988, Apex is a national multidisciplinary consulting and engineering services firm with a robust portfolio of capabilities in water, environmental, health and safety, construction management, transportation, compliance and assurance, and infrastructure.

    Is APEX owned by Oracle? ›

    What is Oracle APEX? APEX is Oracle's strategic low-code application platform that enables you to build scalable, secure enterprise apps, with world-class features, that can be deployed anywhere – whether in the cloud or on-premises.

    What software was used to make APEX? ›

    Apex Legends
    Writer(s)Mohammad Alavi
    Composer(s)Stephen Barton
    EngineSource Unreal Engine 4 (Mobile)
    11 more rows

    How long has apex systems been in business? ›

    Our namesake, Apex Systems, is the information technology staffing and services company that Callaghan, Sheridan, and Veatch founded in 1995, which Hanson joined as chief financial officer in 1998.

    Where is apex systems based? ›

    Cleveland. 6450 Rockside Woods Blvd.

    What client runs apex? ›

    Steam. Open the Steam client. Search for Apex Legends. Click Play Game.

    What is apex in Devops? ›

    APEX Global (The Academy for Professional Excellence) is the learning solutions arm of ECCI – the leading process improvement solutions provider in Southeast Asia.

    What software is apex? ›

    What is Oracle APEX? APEX is Oracle's strategic low-code application platform that enables you to build scalable, secure enterprise apps, with world-class features, that can be deployed anywhere – whether in the cloud or on-premises.

    Is Dell Apex a Druva? ›

    Dell Technologies APEX Backup Services, powered by Druva, mitigates the risk of data loss, ensures regulatory compliance and improves data visibility.

    Is Apex only for Windows? ›

    Play For Free*

    On PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via EA app and Steam.

    What is apex and what it is used for? ›

    Apex is a strongly typed, object-oriented programming language that allows developers to execute flow and transaction control statements on the Lightning platform server in conjunction with calls to the Lightning Platform​ API.

    Is Apex owned by Microsoft? ›

    Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale-hero shooter game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. It was released for PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One in February 2019, for Nintendo Switch in March 2021, and for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in March 2022.

    What are the features of Apex? ›

    Features of Apex as a Language
    • Integrated. Apex has built in support for DML operations like INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and also DML Exception handling. ...
    • Java like syntax and easy to use. ...
    • Strongly Integrated With Data. ...
    • Strongly Typed. ...
    • Multitenant Environment. ...
    • Upgrades Automatically. ...
    • Easy Testing. ...
    • Apex Applications.

    When was Dell Apex released? ›

    Dell APEX Cloud Platforms will be globally available starting in the second half of 2023. APEX Cloud Platform for VMware is available today via early access.

    Does Dell use Azure? ›


    Delivered as an Azure service, run virtualized applications on-premises with full stack lifecycle management while easily connecting resources to Azure.

    What is Dell Apex Backup Services? ›

    Dell APEX Backup Services delivers radically simple data protection as-a-Service enabling your business to simplify your day-to-day by eliminating infrastructure management and ensuring all-in-one secure protection with backup, disaster recovery, and long-term retention.

    Who competes with Dell Technologies? ›

    Competitors and Alternatives to Dell Technologies
    • Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)
    • IBM.
    • Lenovo.
    • NetApp.
    • Oracle.
    • BMC.
    • Supermicro.
    • Gridstore.

    How much does apex cost? ›

    Apex Legends is a free-to-play hero shooter game where legendary competitors battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier.

    How much RAM does Apex use? ›

    Specs for Apex Legends
    GPUNVIDIA GeForce GT 640 AMD Radeon HD 7730NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 AMD Radeon R9 290
    Hard Drive22GB of Free Space22GB of Free Space
    2 more rows
    Apr 5, 2019

    Can you run Apex on a laptop? ›

    Apex Legends isn't as heavy as Battlefield V or even PUBG but it is a very fast-paced action multiplayer title. It is the kind of title where you can do well if you have performance on your side. You want consistently high frame rates while playing and for that you should have a gaming laptop or PC that offers that.


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