Rahway Place Apartments | Rahway NJ Apartments for Rent (2023)


Rahway Place Apartments | Rahway NJ Apartments for Rent (1)
Rahway Place Apartments | Rahway NJ Apartments for Rent (2)
Rahway Place Apartments | Rahway NJ Apartments for Rent (3)
  • 1 bedroom - 3 bedroomsbedroom
  • 607-1,039square feet

property information

  • 288 units
  • 12 stories
  • Built in 1972

Pricing and Availability

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  • 1 bedroom
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 1 bedroom

    1 bed, 1 bath

    1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 607-630 square feet

    model library


    effective dateunitsquare feetDeposit
    unavailable1 bed, 1 bath607-630 square feet$1,522

    Model Facilities and Features


    • high speed internet access
    • smoke free
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  • 2 bedrooms

    2 beds, 1 bath

    2 beds, 1 bath, 803-835 square feet

    model library


    effective dateunitsquare feetDeposit
    unavailable2 beds, 1 bath803-835 square feet$2,940 USD

    Model Facilities and Features


    • high speed internet access
    • smoke free
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    2 beds, 2 baths

    2 beds, 2 bathrooms, 909 square feet

    model library


    effective dateunitsquare feet
    unavailable2 beds, 2 baths909 square feet

    Model Facilities and Features


    • high speed internet access
    • smoke free
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  • 3 bedrooms

    3 beds, 2 baths

    3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1039 square feet

    model library


    effective dateunitsquare feet
    unavailable3 beds, 2 baths1039 square feet

    Model Facilities and Features


    • high speed internet access
    • smoke free
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Rahway Plaza Apartment Description

Experience the Rahway life at Rahway Plaza. Professional leasing staff are waiting to show you all this community has to offer. The community offers a choice of 1 to 3 bedroom apartments for rent. Contact us or come in person to check availability and schedule a viewing today and find your new home at Rahway Plaza.

Rawai Plaza Apartments is located at07065zip codeLowe, NJ

Rahway Place Apartments | Rahway NJ Apartments for Rent (5)


1181 Main Street, Lowe, NJ 07065

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Rahway Place Apartments | Rahway NJ Apartments for Rent (6)



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Tenant Reviews and Ratings

  • proud resident

    March 16, 2018

    I've been living at the Plaza for almost 4 months. It's beautiful, quiet and clean. The apartments are spacious with incredible views from the upper floors. It is well maintained along with the buildings and grounds. The staff were very friendly, especially the ladies in the leasing office; Francis and Jamie were very helpful from the start, as was the maintenance staff.

  • Tall buildings bring happiness, tranquility and peace

    July 22, 2015

    Rahway Plaza Apartments is a two-building 12-storey high-rise complex. I have been a resident for about 2 1/2 years and I have no complaints. The buildings were built around the 1970's but are well maintained. The staff are very friendly and always willing to lend a hand if you have heavy furniture to move. Residents include retirees, singles, families and seniors. I love the complex because they have a pool, one for adults and one for younger kids. they they...

    There is also a nice children's playground. The tenants and kids are friendly and polite. They always say good morning or hello when they meet in the hallway or in the elevator. The grounds are well maintained and they have picnic tables and bare pits on site for guests to enjoy. I was impressed that the tenants followed all the rules of the complex, allowing us to enjoy peace and tranquility. Another amenity they have for tenants is that there is a ramp room where tenants can drop unwanted furniture items and they will remove them from the premises for you. They also have a donation box for unwanted clothes. In other words, you don't have to complicate yourself, just take it to the basement. This is very useful for the elderly and disabled. If something breaks in your apartment, it can be fixed quickly. Ideally located 5 minutes from Rahway train station. The post office is across the street, the municipal building is right next to the complex, and there is a great library and a rec center. It's also in the performing arts neighborhood, as there are two wonderful performing arts centers within walking distance. The complex offers two amazing tenants with two barbecues per year. Every three years, you are entitled to a renovation of your apartment, i.e. new paint, new carpet, new blinds and a kitchen upgrade. The complex is not luxurious, but they do a fantastic job of making sure the tenants are happy. I also want to mention that each of their apartments has nice large balconies and that their dfo has cameras and keyless entry. The company must set up buzzers in the apartment and call the police. They also have a security guard on duty from 9am to 12am. I like this apartment and I have no plans to move. They also provide free transportation to pick up the handicapped, disabled, and seniors to various shopping events. I'm fired and need

    read more

  • Excellent

    August 5, 2015

    I like it, but it's too expensive for us.

nearby schools

Grover Cleveland Elementary School

  • lowe public
  • 486 East Milton Avenue
  • 1 min drive / 0.5 miles away
  • Public school -PK-5 Graded and Unrated(548 students)

4out of 10

Avenel Secondary School

  • woodbridge town
  • woodbine avenue
  • 3 min drive / 1.2 miles away
  • Public school -Grades 6-8 and Ungraded(590 students)

4out of 10

Lowe High School

  • lowe public
  • 1012 Madison Avenue
  • 3 min drive / 1.2 miles away
  • Public school -Grades 9-12 and Ungraded(1066 students)

2out of 10

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Points of Interest

Time and distance from Rahway Plaza Apartments.

hypermarket retail




Target45 Central Avenue5 minutes2.5 miles
walmart360 US Hwy 9 N10 minutes4.7 miles
costco2975 Richmond Avenue12 minutes5.9 miles

colleges and universities




Union County College - Elizabeth Campus40 West Jersey Street11 minutes5.3 miles
Union County College - Cranford Campus1033 Springfield Avenue10 minutes5.1 miles
Kean University1000 Morris Avenue12 minutes5.8 miles





Aldi1705 West Edgar Road3 minutes1.3 miles
Dumbrins Food Market736 W Grand Ave3 minutes1.1 miles
Shoprite70-76 Central Street5 minutes2.5 miles





Lowe Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital865 Stone Street3 minutes1.2 miles
Trinity Regional Medical Center225 Williamson Street10 minutes5.0 miles
Kennedy Medical Center65 James Street10 minutes5.0 miles

military base




Tamdex Reservations8 minutes3.8 miles
Ashbrook Reservations8 minutes4.1 miles
Military Marine Terminal23 minutes10.8 miles

parks and recreation




Hawke Heights Reserve8 Ridge Road3 minutes1.2 miles
liberty state park1 Audrey Zapp Drive5 minutes1.9 miles
Merrill ParkMiddlesex Turnpike4 minutes2.3 miles

Rahway Plaza Apartments are within 2.4 miles of 3 parks including Hawk Rise Sanctuary, Liberty State Park and Merrill Park.

Restaurant and Catering




Burger King1714 US Route 11 minute0.5 miles
mango1349 Fulton Street1 minute0.2 miles
white castle2077 US Route 12 minutes0.8 miles

shopping center




St. George's Shopping Center1086 St. George Avenue2 minutes0.8 miles
Deco Plaza1500-1644 St. George's Avenue3 minutes1.0 miles
Linden Commons1701 West Edgar Road3 minutes1.3 miles

There are 3 shopping centers within 1.2 miles of Rahway Plaza Apartments. Miles and minutes will be for the furthest property.

transfer station




Lowe-Northeast Corridor1329 Broad Street1 minute0.3 miles
Lowe - North Jersey Shoreline1329 Broad Street1 minute0.3 miles
Avenel - North Jersey ShorelineDongbian Lane5 minutes1.7 miles

nearby communities

Lowe City Center

Studios to 3-bedroom apartments from $1,000

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Perth Amboy Interchange

Studios to 3-bedroom apartments from $934

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Lowe Transit Village

Studios to 3-bedroom apartments from $1,000

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Rental price range in the area

bedroomaverage rentcheapest rentmaximum rent
Rawai Studio$1,762$1,450$2,075
Rawai One-Bedroom Apartment$2,142 USD$934$3,000
Rawai Two-Bedroom Apartment$2,697 USD$1,741$4,100
Rawai Three-Bedroom Apartment$2,750$2,750$2,750

nearby apartments

Meridia Lafayette Village1 to 2 bedrooms $1,925 - $2,350
WATER'S EDGE by RAHWAY1 to 2 bedrooms $2,069 - $2,429
Park Place Apartment One to Two Bedrooms $2,389
RAHWAY Riverside Plaza 1 to 2 Bedrooms $2,229 - $3,049
735 Audrey Dr2 bedroom $1,760
The Mint Studio to 2 bedroom $2,310 - $2,835
Metro Rahway studio to two bedrooms $2,340 - $3,065
One-bedroom apartments in Hamilton $1,713 - $2,032
Grand Meridia1 bedroom $2,010
Meridia Brownstones1 to 2 bedrooms $2,195 - $2,750

nearby residences

80 E Milton Ave1 bedroom $2,100
1029 Pierpont St4 Bedroom $3,500
457 Teneyke PL3 Bedroom $4,000
958 Main St2 Bedroom $2,450
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Is there rent control in Rahway NJ? ›

Does Rahway Have Rent Control? The City of Rahway does not have a rent control ordinance. The State Department of Community Affairs does provide some guidance on rent increases however in this guide.

What is the max you can raise rent in NJ? ›

No, the state of New Jersey does not provide a limit to rent increases. However the local municipalities do and the rent increase limits can range anywhere between 2 - 6% per year. Many cities in New Jersey follows the Consumer Price Index (CPI) to set that range.

Is rent going to go down in NJ? ›

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like New Jersey rent prices will drop anytime soon. A recent Rent.com survey found that the state experienced a 32.86 percent increase year-over-year in rent prices–well above the national average.


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