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Top 425 The Bradford Exchange Online Reviews (6)

Richard aus Spring Hill, FLVerified Reviewer

Original review: March 11, 2023

I ordered a $75 jewelry box for my wife's birthday. I ordered it the 1st week of February and got it broken 2 weeks later. I couldn't give it to my wife because it was broken, customer service said they would send a new one, her birthday was March 8th and now it's March 11th and still no tracking or new box. Also, customer service no longer bounces my emails. I'm out of $75 and will never order from this place again.

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Top 425 The Bradford Exchange Online Reviews (7)

Maria von Whitefield, MEVerified Reviewer

Original review: March 9, 2023

I ordered personal checks for a year from B EX. The individual checks do not tear off the pack without tearing. Some checks tear so badly that they are no longer usable. When I started the 2nd pack of checks with the same cracking problem I contacted customer service. I asked them to replace the broken checks. They will not do anything to fix this issue as it has been 3 months since my purchase date. I also found that the checks are printed on paper that is very thin compared to other vendors' checks. This can contribute to the tearing problem. Order your checks elsewhere like I have to do now.

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Top 425 The Bradford Exchange Online Reviews (8)

Gwenelda from Poplar Bluff, MOVerified Reviewer

Original review: March 9, 2023

I ordered a Twas the Night Before Christmas house using my credit card. The website said I could split the payments into $40 instalments. I chose this option during the checkout process only to find out they had charged the full amount to my card instead. I checked when it will ship and the website says mid-April. I sent an email to cancel the order to which I received a meaningful reply that my item has already been dispatched. I knew this was another lie. I checked the website and they had updated it to say it is in the process of being shipped. He's been saying that for days.

I don't have a tracking number or anything else to prove it was shipped. I feel like they just put that into the system after telling me they can't cancel it because it's already been shipped. It was NOT sent. Very very shady business practices. If I had found these reviews before placing said order, I would never have ordered. I DID NOT authorize them to withdraw the full amount at once. As it stands I don't want this item and would like a full refund. They have lost all future business from me if they don't fix this to my liking. Don't offer a payment plan and then charge the full amount at once. Unfair and dodgy at best.

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Top 425 The Bradford Exchange Online Reviews (9)

Elly von Lilli Pilli, AndereVerified Reviewer

Original review: March 7, 2023

I have purchased four items from the Bradford Exchange. After receiving the items, I paid for each item separately on the company's online portal. I received a receipt number for each item that I recorded. I also have my credit card statement on record. I did not receive an email confirmation regarding the payment. I've been arguing with The Bradford Exchange over a receipt for months. Although I continue to reply to the invoice sent by the company in the mail. I duly sent back the invoice with all payment details. Impossible to reach this company by phone unless you are willing to spend 1 hour in a phone queue. I sent a formal letter detailing receipt and credit card payment. There was no reply to my letters, just another bill adding a late "overdue" amount to it.

Today I received a notification from a collection agency on behalf of The Bradford Exchange of another invoice with additional "overdue" fees. I ended up calling The Bradford Exchange and waited an hour to finally get through to customer service. I have spent my time making an online complaint to the NSW Department of Fair Trading regarding this matter. I informed the customer service representative at The Bradford Exchange. It was my intention to send my complaint to Fair Trading. Surprise surprise. They found my receipt! There was no explanation, no apology. I hope this issue has been resolved. I still haven't received an email that the issue has been resolved.

The accounting at this company is extremely poor as is the customer service. I've seen numerous complaints about the same issues from The Bradford Exchange, claiming that a customer's receipt number was lost or non-existent. This leads to a huge waste of time for the customer. I am wondering why my receipt number was not found at all months ago and why was it my intention to take The Bradford Exchange to the Department of Fair Trading so they could find my receipt in minutes? Why doesn't this company use a pre-purchase and payment system like every other e-commerce company before sending their product to customers?

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Top 425 The Bradford Exchange Online Reviews (10)

Richard aus West Blocton, ALVerified Reviewer

Original review: February 25, 2023

I have been waiting for the parts for my Crimson Tide Express train for over a year and still have not received all the parts, either back ordered or discontinued. Now they are trying to charge me for a piece I returned. This company is bad news. Can't complete orders and is way overpriced. Stay away from this company. I wish I had read the reviews before delving into it

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Top 425 The Bradford Exchange Online Reviews (11)

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Terry of Winnipeg, OthersVerified Reviewer

Original review: February 24, 2023

I ordered a personalized figurine from Precious Moments. First, the delivery took twice as long as promised. Second, the "personalization" consisted of printed stickers that came off immediately after opening. Don't let this company fool you. Attempting to contact them took days and all I received was a general response. I will never shop from them again.

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Top 425 The Bradford Exchange Online Reviews (12)

Kelly aus Englewood, OHVerified Reviewer

Original review: January 30, 2023

This company is a scam!!! They will cheat you out of time and money. You will place an order. Get a confirmation number then they will call you and ask for more money claiming you didn't pay which delays shipping. Then they will send you a damaged and broken item. If you send it back they will claim you didn't do it and won't send you a replacement item but they will lie to you and tell you they did it but they didn't do it right Elisa? Then they keep your money and don't send you the item!!! This is a scam. Do not buy.

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Top 425 The Bradford Exchange Online Reviews (13)

Alanna aus Lake Hopatcong, New JerseyVerified Reviewer

Original review: January 27, 2023

I ordered a necklace as a gift. This company has been charging me $14.95 every month for over a year. It's a small amount, so it's not very noticeable. I did not authorize this and have repeatedly contacted the company to remove this charge and refund me the money stolen. They keep offering excuses but not refunding my money. I have notified my financial institution and stopped all further charges. i just want my money back Do not order from this company!!!!

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Top 425 The Bradford Exchange Online Reviews (14)

Heidi from Irvine, CAVerified Reviewer

Original review: January 22, 2023

Do NOT buy anything from this company. Once they have your credit card number, they will continue to charge you monthly for a "collection" of items. BEWARE. I bought a SINGLE item. Then a month later another box came to my door for a second item which I NEVER PURCHASED and they charged MY CREDIT CARD. This is a scam!!!

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Top 425 The Bradford Exchange Online Reviews (15)

Jacqueline of Morin Heights, othersVerified Reviewer

Original review: December 29, 2022

On December 1st I ordered a trailer for my mother. We recently lost my father and as it is our first Christmas without him we wanted to give her something special... On the 12th December I sent an inquiry regarding the status of my delivery and received a very kind email from a representative named Kelsey Er assured me that the gift would arrive by Christmas Eve despite delays in manufacturing. On the 20th there was still no sign of my mother's gift and I sent another email asking if it would indeed arrive on time or if I should look for an alternative gift.

Finally, on FRIDAY 23rd I received an email from Wilver saying he was "happy to let me know that my collectible was reserved for me"... and that they expected the order to be shipped no later than 02/02 .23 would arrive. As we were under a heavy storm watch at the time I was unable to run out on CHRISTMAS EVE to try and find something else after this company had repeatedly assured me that my mother's gift would indeed arrive on time.. . That was not the case . I am fully aware of the issues in all business areas dealing with production delays etc. All I wished for was an HONEST response from this company that my product would not arrive on time. I think that was asking too much. When my pendant arrives I will give it to my mum but the moment is over now and I am sorely disappointed in The Bradford Exchange and will never order from this company again.

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