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EASIER THAN YOU THOUGHT - Auto start ignition, digital temperature control, LED temperature display and pellet feed control system. Specially designed waste oil collector to help you with easy cleaning. Super easy cooking even for beginners

PRECISE TEMPERATURE CONTROL - Keep cooking temperatures at your desired set point, convection heat distribution technology ensures food is cooked evenly and perfectly. And the fire access door allows 750℉ direct flame singeing

HUGE GRILLING AREA - 572m2 of cooking area offers more than enough space for all the grill fans at home, suitable for family and friends to grill in the courtyard or outdoors, easy to assemble and move

ADVANCED WOOD FIRE TECHNOLOGY -- Z GRILLS' wood pellet technology gives you wood fire flavor with the convenience of propane or gas. Simply add enough pellets to the hopper, choose your desired temperature and let Z Grills do the rest

3 YEAR SUPPORT - Z GRILLS is a grill manufacturer with over 30 years of experience and offers a 3 YEAR quality assurance on products. We also have a telephone and online support team. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us


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      Top 5 best electric smokers for the money in 2023 - Consumer Today's (2)

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      Product Highlights customer reviews

      Insulated double wall construction. Power-750

      Advanced control panel with easy-to-read blue LED display

      Removable food thermometer

      Glass door and stainless steel, two-tone

      Large locking latch made of stainless steel for smoke-tight closure


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          Top 5 best electric smokers for the money in 2023 - Consumer Today's (3)

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          Product Highlights customer reviews

          Built-in temperature display

          Temperature control is easy with the analog dial

          The chip tray slides out for easy ash removal

          Three chrome smoking stands

          1,500 watt heating element for smooth, consistent smoking


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              Top 5 best electric smokers for the money in 2023 - Consumer Today's (4)

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              Product Highlights customer reviews

              Digital control panel controls on/off, cooking temperature and time

              Electric Smoker Dimensions - 20.47" W x 19.88" L x 33.26" H | Maximum Temperature Setting - 275ᵒ F | Internal Capacity - 2 Turkeys, 4 Pork Butts, 4 Ribs, 6 Chicken

              The patented side chip loading system allows you to add wood chips without having to open the door

              Thermostatic temperature control for smooth, consistent smoking

              The fully insulated body retains heat

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                  customer reviews

                  Last updated on 3/3/2023 / Affiliate Links / Images, Product Titles and Product Highlights from Amazon Product Advertising API

                  Our top picks

                  1. GRILLS ZPG-6002BNew model wood pellet grill

                  Top 5 best electric smokers for the money in 2023 - Consumer Today's (5)

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                  One of the best highlights considered by every customer is the open plan cooking area. You can definitely cook for more than 14 people with it. It keeps you going by throwing parties every now and then.

                  It's a huge cooking space that allows you to cook, grill and prepare with true temperature control. Even if a large proportion of customers protest, its temperature control is useless and the food does not grill properly under this flame.

                  Manufacturers try to study each of these issues. This model, unlike others, is a bit pricey. However, if you consider that the solid presentation costs would not matter to you.

                  It's easy to clean. Either way, it gives you the most effortless, solid cleaning that will improve the strength and flavor of your grill. Its giant tank has capacities. You must use it after 10 minutes of cleaning. However, you must read the manual carefully as it is confusing.

                  Some things about this product will satisfy you:

                  • A huge cooking space

                  • Continuous

                  • Easy to use


                  • Read the manual carefully as it is confusing

                  2. Char-Broil 17202004 Digital Electric Smoker

                  Top 5 best electric smokers for the money in 2023 - Consumer Today's (6)

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                  This electric smoker is now affordable with a quality type of smoker out there. Previously, our top and next-in-line determination didn't exactly cost the expense of some of our various consultants.

                  The smoker comes with associated parts that can be removed for easy cleaning. After some time of use, the product will be slightly hot.

                  Some things about this product will satisfy you:

                  • You can see inside the smoker without giving off heat and smoke

                  • Fast

                  • Easy to clean


                  • After some time of use, the product will be slightly hot

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                  3. Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU Infrared Smoker Roaster & Grill

                  Top 5 best electric smokers for the money in 2023 - Consumer Today's (7)

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                  This product can provide you with a stress-free dinner for quite a while. This is a more current form with certain improvements in composite quality. It uses mechanical evaluation parts and wiring to keep you safe.

                  Also, you can easily set the temperature with its functions. It's so monastic. In addition, cleaning this product is also not complicated, which is considered a big plus for consumers.

                  Some things about this product will satisfy you:

                  • Easy to set its temperature

                  • Made of treated steel

                  • Safe to use


                  • Not found yet

                  4. Masterbuilt Mb20070210 Analog Electric Smoker with 3 smoking racks

                  Top 5 best electric smokers for the money in 2023 - Consumer Today's (8)

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                  This product can provide you with a stress-free dinner for quite a while. This is a more current form with certain improvements in composite quality. It uses mechanical evaluation parts and wiring to keep you safe.

                  When cooking, it should be a little further away from home for reasons of well-being. In any case, you don't have to strain yourself unduly as it has a strong shape with great protection inside.

                  It added a few complaints, but we've found that the majority of customers are happy with its smokeability. In addition, they are fulfilled by the simple handling of highlights. Another explanation is that it can quickly reach and maintain the ideal temperature.

                  As an afterthought, see a handle to control the temperature. You then have the option of smoking, grilling or roasting your dinner without investing an excessive amount of energy. However, pay attention to the water level and the wood transport plate, as these plates are not large enough to hold sufficient wood chips.

                  Some things about this product will satisfy you:

                  • Fast

                  • Easy to use

                  • Convenience

                  • Safe to use


                  • Not found yet

                  5. Masterbuilt MB20071117 Digital Electric Smoker 30 Inch Black

                  Top 5 best electric smokers for the money in 2023 - Consumer Today's (9)

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                  This product is incredibly easy to use as a smoker and doesn't complain of being a charcoal or balance smoker. A similar board also allows for cooking time control and houses the on/off controls.

                  The built-in internal controller does the rest. It's an all-round mounted smoker and the chrome-plated hardened steel cleans with ease. The built-in internal controller does the rest.

                  It's an all-round mounted smoker and the chrome-plated hardened steel cleans with ease. This product heats up quickly and maintains a constant internal temperature without messing around. All you have to do is connect it to a power source and you're ready to cook.

                  Some things about this product will satisfy you:

                  • Simple design

                  • Continuous

                  • Maintains a constant internal temperature without messing around

                  • Just plug it into a power source


                  • Not found yet

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                  With the fivebest electric smokers for the moneyabove, we believe you have more information to find a quality product that suits your needs.


                  What is the number one smoker? ›

                  The Char-Broil Deluxe won Best Overall in our Electric Smoker Roundup for its consistency and ease of use. Combining the convenience of smoking with wood chips and the precision of digital controls, the Deluxe is versatile and easy to operate.

                  What is easiest electric smoker to use? ›

                  Best Easy-To-Clean Electric Smoker

                  The Bradley Smoker has plenty of cool features to make this worth your time. It features a special hopper on the side to store and add your wood chips without much work on your end. Simply load it up with chips, and it'll do the rest.

                  What is the best thing to smoke in a electric smoker? ›

                  The best meats to smoke are meats with a high amount of collagen and fats such as pork shoulder, beef briskets, beef cheeks and rib. The connective tissues and fats breakdown during the cooking process which will keep the meat moist and tender.

                  Which smoker gives the best flavor? ›

                  • Charcoal smokers are considered the gold standard when it comes to getting that deep smokey flavor.
                  • They come in a broad range of styles and sizes, making it easier to find one that suits your available space.
                  Jun 1, 2022

                  What smoker does meat church use? ›

                  Matt Pittman's motto is simple. He's spreading the good word of BBQ across the country with his Meat Church brand, slinging seasonings and teaching classes using his Traeger.

                  What is the best cut of meat to smoke? ›

                  The best meats to smoke are fatty cuts like beef brisket, pork shoulder and ribs. Although the smoking process can dry out some types of meat, the high fat content of brisket and pork shoulder help keep them moist, tender and delicious.

                  What generation smokes the most? ›

                  — A new survey found that not only do Millennials have the highest smoking rate, but they are also more likely to hide the fact they smoke.

                  Is Masterbuilt a good brand of smoker? ›

                  We think the Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smoker is the best electric smoker for most people thanks to its excellent insulation, clever wood chip tray system, and low price. Read on to discover why it is our top pick, and what other electric smokers you should consider.

                  Is Masterbuilt made in the USA? ›

                  Masterbuilt Manufacturing is located in Columbus, Georgia, United States .

                  Do you have to flip meat in an electric smoker? ›

                  Do I need to flip my meat when smoking on the grill? NO! Sorry for being so brash, but this is a common mistake that many novice smokers will make. When smoking, you don't have to worry about one side getting hotter than the other, because the meat cooks indirectly.

                  What is the best meat to cook in an electric smoker? ›

                  The best choice to smoke in your electric smoker is the baby back and spare ribs. Keep in mind, to choose a piece that has a lot of meat and less of the fat on the bones, because you wouldn't want your meat to be drenched in fat after smoking.

                  What meat is quickest to smoke? ›

                  Chicken Thighs are by far one of the fastest meats you can smoke that is capable of feeding a large group while also being the easiest to prep. There is no need to brine or marinate the meat, so all that is left is to trim the fat and give it a spice rub before firing up the smoker.

                  Where is the best place to put an electric smoker? ›

                  It's best to put your smoker on a flat and even surface. Make sure it's at least 10-feet away from your home so the heat doesn't damage your siding. Avoid windy areas so it's easier to light the wood or charcoal.

                  What kind of smoker does Guy Fieri use? ›

                  As for his smoking weapon of choice? Fieri swears by the Ole Hickory Grill (which costs between $3,000 and $4,500), but for beginners he recommends a pellet smoker. Pellet grills — cylindrical-shaped smokers that combine elements of charcoal smokers, gas grills, and kitchen ovens — are sold online for under $1,000.

                  Do electric smokers work well? ›

                  Electric smokers are not as versatile as gas owing to the lower temperature range they operate within (a feature that makes them excellent for cold smoking). Gas smokers can reach higher temperatures and are far more portable – which makes them a versatile option.

                  What color smoke is best for smoking meat? ›

                  Smoke from wood or charcoal for cooking can range from bluish, to white, to gray, to yellow, brown, and even black. The most desirable smoke is almost invisible with a pale blue tint. You can see it below. Blue smoke is the holy grail of low and slow pitmasters, especially for long cooks.

                  Who is the owner of Meat Church? ›

                  Matt Pittman, pitmaster and CEO/owner of Meat Church BBQ, hails from the great state of Texas where his love of BBQ runs deep. Matt grew up cooking and learning from his Grandma June and has spent his life around food ever since.

                  Are meat smokers worth it? ›

                  Most meat geeks agree that a smoker is a better option than a grill for cooking most types of meat. The large "smoke ring" when you get the meat apart indicates the intense flavor of the meat.

                  How do you smoke the perfect meat? ›

                  10 Tips For Smoking Food
                  1. Use Wood Chips, Chunks, or BBQ Pellets.
                  2. Go Low and Slow.
                  3. Add a Water Pan.
                  4. Don't Overdo the Smoke.
                  5. White Smoke is Good.
                  6. Don't Wander Off Too Far.
                  7. Airflow is Important.
                  8. Mist Your Food.

                  What liquid is best for smoking meat? ›

                  Water Pan – Use a water pan in your smoker to maintain a humid environment so the meat doesn't cook with hot, dry air. Water works well, but you can also fill the water pan with beer, apple juice and cider vinegar for flavorful twists.

                  What steak is best to smoke? ›

                  For the best-smoked steaks, choose cuts on the thicker end (around 1.5 inches). At a typical butcher counter, these options include ribeye, tenderloin, or New York strip steaks. If the steak is too thin, such as skirt steak, it'll reach doneness without retaining the flavor of the smoke.

                  Does meat get more tender the longer you smoke it? ›

                  Nowadays smoking—as it relates to barbecue—is about taste and texture, not so much making food last longer. Smoking adds flavor, it tenderizes, and it turns some of the worst cuts of meat into a wonderful meal.

                  How much should I pay for a smoker? ›

                  Price Range $200 – $500.

                  Can you tell if someone is a smoker? ›

                  Heavy smokers have a typical smell of smoke in their clothes, breath, hands, and can easily be detected by this smell. The smell may vary depending on the type of cigarette they use. So, if in doubt regarding the history using your smelling power may be worthwhile, especially in adolescents.

                  What is the average lifespan of a smoker? ›

                  Heavy smokers cut their lifespan by 13 years on average
                  Heavy smokerLight smoker
                  57 more rows
                  Sep 15, 2017

                  What type of people smoke the most? ›

                  American Indians and Alaska Natives have the highest smoking rate of any racial or ethnic group. A recent study also found American Indian and Alaska Native men and women have a higher percentage of smoking-related deaths from heart disease and stroke than white men and women.

                  What state has the most smokers? ›

                  As of 2021, the U.S. states with the highest smoking rates included West Virginia, Kentucky, and Arkansas. In West Virginia, around 20 percent of all adults smoked as of this time.
                  Percentage of adults who smoke in the United States as of 2021, by state.
                  CharacteristicPercentage of adults
                  12 more rows
                  Nov 22, 2022

                  How long do Masterbuilt electric smokers last? ›

                  It's ideal for Masterbuilt® Gravity Series® products and other charcoal cooking products. How long will it last in hopper? It will last up to 15 hours in the Gravity Series® 560, up to 12 hours in the Gravity Series® 800, and up to 8 hours in the Gravity Series® 1050 depending on temperature.

                  How often should I add wood chips to my Masterbuilt electric smoker? ›

                  The short of it: At most, you should be adding 5 wood chips every 45 - 60 minutes.

                  Can I use aluminum foil in my Masterbuilt electric smoker? ›

                  You can use different options to wrap your brisket, pork, or chicken before putting it into the food smoker. These include Aluminium foil and butcher paper. Wrapping your brisket in aluminum foil speeds up cooking time and keeps in the meat's fat and juices, leaving it tender.

                  How long has Masterbuilt been around? ›

                  It all started in a backyard in 1973, with Dawson McLemore and his family building fish cookers...

                  Who bought Masterbuilt? ›


                  The Middleby Corporation (NASDAQ: MIDD) has finalized the previously announced acquisition of Masterbuilt Holdings, LLC and their residential outdoor brands Kamado Joe and Masterbuilt.

                  Are there any American made smokers? ›

                  American Barbecue Systems is an American manufacturer of smokers and grills. Whether you're looking for barbeque smokers for personal or professional use, we've got you covered! We pride ourselves on the craftsmanship that goes into each piece we make. ABS Smokers and Grills Proudly Made in America!

                  What is the most difficult meat to smoke? ›

                  What is the hardest meat to smoke? Brisket is the holy grail of smoking. Everyone from competitive cooks to dedicated pit masters and barbecue enthusiasts agree that beef brisket is the hardest meat to get right.

                  Do you soak wood chips for electric smoker? ›

                  Soaking wood chips isn't necessary when using an electric smoker, or any other type of smoker. The wood chips are there to provide not only the smoke but different blends of flavoring to accompany the natural flavor of the food, and they do so without the need of being soaked beforehand.

                  Are wood chips or pellets better for electric smoker? ›

                  Wood pellets are the only recommended fuel source for pellet grills. They are also ideal for use in an electric smoker. Because they burn slower, enhance flavor and keep the pitmaster in charge better than wood chips do, they almost always produce a superior result in an electric smoker.

                  What is the most efficient smoker? ›

                  Propane smokers are among the easiest and most efficient to operate and assemble. They might not impart the same amount of smokiness (adding dry or soaked wood chips hourly helps), and certainly don't create the same ambiance as a fire, but they're convenient and maintain impeccably steady heat.

                  What temperature is best for smoking meat? ›

                  The ideal temperature range for most smoking is 225°F to 250°F. A simple way to monitor temperature is to place a meat thermometer in the top vent of your grill, so the probe hangs down and measures the temperature of the air inside the grill.

                  What is the first thing you should smoke? ›

                  Pork Butt (Boston Butt)

                  In my opinion, the first meat that every beginner should smoke first is a Boston butt or pork butt. It's a larger cut of meat and you'll be able to learn a few different techniques.

                  What do you soak meat in before smoking? ›

                  For juicy and delicious smoked meat, you should use brine. Even if you soak it for one or two hours, that's still more than enough time for your meat to absorb the saltwater. You can then add your meat to your smoker and allow it to smoke as normal.

                  What meat Can I smoke in 6 hours? ›

                  Chuck Roast

                  With its great marbling, this is another top choice for slow smoking. Because it is smaller, it does have the advantage of smoking in far less time compared to a larger brisket. Instead of over 10 hours of cooking time, a good chuck roast can be smoked in just 5 - 6 hours.

                  Can you leave an electric smoker outside with a cover? ›

                  Keep Your Cooker Protected From The Elements

                  This might be obvious, but ideally, the best place to store your smoker or grill is under a covered patio or in a garage. As mentioned above, the moisture from rain or snow can wreak havoc on your cooker's sensitive metal parts, quickly causing rust and corrosion.

                  Do you put meat right on the rack in electric smoker? ›

                  4. Grill racks: Most electric smokers offer stainless steel grill racks, and you can either place meat directly on these racks or you can use them to hold cast iron skillets in which your food can roast.

                  Which smoker is better gas or pellet? ›

                  If you want to do a lot of searing at high temperatures then a gas grill is the way to go. If you want the option to smoke low and slow then that's where pellet grills excell. Both pellet and gas cookers offer speed and convenience in a very user-friendly package.

                  Is pellet or charcoal smoker better? ›

                  While there is still a nice smokey taste that comes from the wood pellets, when it comes to taste, most people still prefer charcoal over pellets. The rich smoke-infused flavor no matter what you're cooking with charcoal is hard to beat.

                  Whats better pellet or offset smoker? ›

                  In general, offset smokers, and pellet smokers can give you the same amount of smoke and therefore, the same level of flavour. Offset smokers and pellet smokers do use different kinds of fuel to create smoke. In offset smokers, chunks of wood are usually used, while pellet smokers run exclusively on pellets.

                  What is the leading cause of death for smokers? ›

                  The major causes of excess mortality among smokers are diseases that are related to smoking, including cancer and respiratory and vascular disease.

                  How many cigarettes a day is heavy smoking? ›

                  Background: Heavy smokers (those who smoke greater than or equal to 25 or more cigarettes a day) are a subgroup who place themselves and others at risk for harmful health consequences and also are those least likely to achieve cessation.

                  How many cigarettes does the average smoker smoke in a day? ›

                  Among daily smokers, the average number of cigarettes smoked per day declined from about 17 cigarettes in 2005 to 14 cigarettes in 2016.

                  Is an electric smoker better than a pellet smoker? ›

                  Electric smokers rarely produce enough of the necessary gasses to create the smoke ring without a lot of help. Pellet grills consistently produce the gasses due to burning wood as both the heat source and the flavor source. Winner – Pellet Grills.

                  Which pellets give the most smoke flavor? ›

                  9 Best Wood Pellets for Smoking in 2023: Best Flavors Ranked
                  • Camp Chef Premium Hardwood Pellets.
                  • Weber SmokeFire Hardwood Pellets.
                  • CookinPellets 40PM Perfect Mix Smoking Pellets.
                  • Lumber Jack Competition Blend Grilling Pellets.
                  • Pit Boss Natural Hardwood Pellets.
                  • Bear Mountain Premium Hardwood Pellets.
                  Nov 3, 2021

                  What is the best pellet flavor for smoking? ›

                  By far, the two most popular pellet flavors are hickory and apple. Both are classic BBQ woods, and between the two you can cook just about anything. Hickory produces a moderate smoke that's strong enough to stand up to the bold flavor of beef, but isn't so strong that it overpowers pork or poultry.

                  Is it cheaper to cook with pellets or charcoal? ›

                  Wood pellet fuel is often more expensive than charcoal, too. You'll end up buying a rather large bag of wood pellet fuel and if it isn't a flavor you enjoy, your basically stuck with it. Charcoal on the other hand is inexpensive and widely available. You can even make it yourself.

                  Is it better to smoke with wood or charcoal? ›

                  For best results, use both charcoal and wood while smoking your food, cooking over indirect heat with charcoal as the heating element and wood providing the flavor. You can easily turn your grill into a smoker. Start with a few pieces of wood at first, and add more as needed.

                  Is an electric smoker or charcoal smoker better? ›

                  An electric smoker will give you a better result if you are new to smoking. It can hold the temperature, which is crucial when it comes down to smoking. If you are familiar with temperature control, a charcoal smoker will give you the same consistency.

                  What are the disadvantages of pellet grills? ›

                  Con: You can't use them everywhere.

                  Pellet grills, on the other hand, generally need an outlet to function, so they're not portable. Moving them a lot may cause damage to electrical parts, and they tend to be heavy. It's also worth noting that, because they use electricity, they're not meant for wet-weather use.

                  Which pellets produce the least smoke? ›

                  Mesquite Wood Pellets

                  Mesquite smoker pellets can typically be way too strong, but lucky for us, pellet pits — by their very nature — produce a gentler smoke flavor profile. I have found that Mesquite in a pellet smoker grill is awesome and it has become my go-to.

                  What is the best type of pellet? ›

                  • Best Overall: Bear Mountain Oak Wood Pellets. ...
                  • Best for Chicken: Traeger Pecan Wood Pellets. ...
                  • Best for Pork Shoulder: Camp Chef Orchard Apple. ...
                  • Best for Ribs: BBQr's Delight Peach Pellet Grill Fuel. ...
                  • ​​Best for Beef: Louisiana Grills Texas Mesquite Hardwood Pellets. ...
                  • Best for Turkey: Lumber Jack 100% Cherry Grilling Pellets.
                  Nov 29, 2022


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